What our clients say

We're lucky and proud to have worked with thousands of people of all ages, from all walks of life​ with many different needs. Here's what some of them say about how we've helped!

“I have had the opportunity to receive both massage therapy and cranial sacral therapy on numerous occasions for over 20 years from Verna. She always gets results and is committed to finding the source of discomfort and offering effective advice for me to take away with me. She is professional, compassionate and caring and I have referred many friends and colleagues over the years for her care with complete confidence.”
P. B.

“Lynda Hydamaka is a miracle worker. In 50 minutes, she can readjust my hips, realign my back, and give me a total body massage that furrows out all the tight muscles that plague my body. I leave feeling like I could sleep for the rest of the day. She is able to quickly diagnose problems, and gives good advice on what daily exercises will help your particular issues. I highly recommend her.”
Nancy Campbell

“Lesli has successfully seen me through both acute injuries with intensive treatment schedules as well as regular maintenance treatments to deal with aches and pains that build up from too much desk sitting. In each case, she listens, asks appropriate questions, and has a great eye for visual assessment to really get to the source of the problem (or problems!) presenting that day. She uses a variety of techniques, and even the subtle ones have left me with lasting results after a treatment. I would highly recommend her care – thanks Lesli!”
Denise G.

“During my years of treatment with Verna Wheatcroft I have recovered quickly from a car accident, sciatica, lumbar-sacral pain and a dislocated shoulder. Her massage consistently brings release from physical and emotional stress and her expertise as a cranial therapist makes her by far one of the best RMTs in Vancouver!”
E. M.

“When Lynda first began treating me, it was her body-sensitivity & her caring presence that initially appealed to me. Now, 25 years later, it is her dedication to expanding her knowledge & increasing her skills that has kept me as a client. She always knows which modality to use to unlock a tight muscle or unwind an aching hip. I’m thankful to have access to her expertise & sensitivity.”
Carolyn B

“Lesli listens, taking into account your input – and blends the information with her skillful assessments. She doesn’t focus solely on a painful or uncomfortable area – but investigates indicators of misalignments which may contribute to problems. In this way, treatments are holistic and generally longer lasting than those that focus on one area. Lesli uses a range of modalities when needed. With a diverse skill set she can select treatments that are comfortable for me and make sense for my body.”
Sheila Marshall

“Lynda has had an amazing impact on my health and well-being. She has made it possible to live with a chronic condition and has prevented potential pain and deterioration. She has a deep, detailed, and broad knowledge of the workings of the human body and capably explains issues in an understandable way. Anyone who is fortunate enough to have Lynda work her knowledge and magic on them will be most grateful. She is a truly gifted healer.”

“Lesli Smith is a highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced massage therapist. I rely on Lesli to eliminate my aches and pains, improve my posture, reduce my tension and stress, relax my muscles, keep me limber and supple, and give me excellent and useful fitness advice. Thank you, Lesli, for being a valued and essential part of my health and life for so many years.”
Geoff Peters

“I see Verna whenever my low back seizes up and through her technique of muscle energy and massage I get right back on track.”
A. F.

“Since I first started going for treatments with Lynda Hydamaka in 1997, she has become a key part of my health team. Her neuromuscular massage method offers subtle and effective help for my compromised back. Her keen insight into the body and its workings combined with her advice on exercise and movement qualify her not only as a massage therapist but also as a teacher and advisor.”
Kris Klaasen

“Lesli has been integral to my healing and my health maintenance for many years. She has extraordinary skills in assessment and treatment and is very engaged in furthering these through ongoing education and seminars. She is interested and invested in each person that enters her practice.”
Thanks so much

“I have seen Verna for many years for scoliosis and with her gentle aligning treatments I experience less pain in my day to day activities.”
P. T.

“Before seeing Lynda at West 7th Massage therapy, I was miserable. For more than 2 years, my lower back was killing me! I was in so much pain that I couldn’t stand up straight, and I couldn’t even sit at my desk to work anymore. I spent over two years trying physiotherapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage.

A friend (actually, my career counselor) told me about Lynda, and how much Lynda’s treatments had helped her. She explained that Lynda isn’t “just” a massage therapist; she uses techniques from other disciplines to address pain.

I had my first treatment with Lynda two weeks later. She used an osteopathic technique to correct joint dysfunctions, and then did a deep-tissue massage. I’m so glad I went. It was the first treatment I had had that even made a dent in all the pain I was experiencing. After a few treatments I was so much better. I still have back issues, but now when I do something to hurt my back, I have Lynda to straighten things out, loosen up my muscles, and make life all good again. If you have any kind of pain, I highly, highly recommend Lynda. She is a miracle-worker!!”

“Lesli Smith has treated my neck, back, shoulder and hip injuries that were caused by three separate ‘rear-enders’ starting in 2010 through 2013. I’ve recovered from most of my symptoms in large part due to Lesli’s cranial sacral therapy treatments, massage therapy treatments and specific exercises she’s recommended. I have found during sessions with Lesli that her wellness and health insights and her positive energy are helpful as well. Thank you for your great care Lesli!”
David D.

“Lynda Hydamaka is a neuromuscular massage therapist and so much more.

When I first started seeing Lynda I was seeking help for numbness and burning pain in my legs. We immediately formed a bond of trust and I felt confident in Lynda’s extensive knowledge, training and experience. Lynda’s treatment begins with an assessment and correction of body alignment, prior to the massage. After each session, my pain is gone and I feel like I’m floating on air! Over the years Lynda has helped me with knee problems, neck, shoulder and, jaw issues and even a tail bone problem after a bad fall.

Lynda has taken the time to know me and in turn I am most blessed to get to know Lynda; to appreciate her wisdom, her integrity and her beautiful spirit. I always look forward to our appointments and leave them with more understanding of the body and I am inspired by our discussions about health and well-being. In her quest to make a positive difference in people’s lives, Lynda also uses her training as a counselor and focusing therapist.

Because my digestive system does not respond well to traveling, Lynda has given me sessions in awareness training to help with this situation.And there’s more … I’m thrilled to say that Lynda’s visceral work has made an enormous difference in my life. Thank you, Lynda!!!If you’re looking for the best possible care for physical and mental well-being, book an appointment with Lynda.”
Lynne J

“It is hard for me to describe what it is like to go to Lesli for massage therapy. I tell her what I am experiencing in my body that is problematic. Then she begins to follow threads. It took me a while to figure out what she was doing but now I know that she is looking for connections that will lead her to the source of the problems. Over the years that I have been seeing her I am now better at explaining to her what I think is going on and we can get to the issue more quickly. It is her ability to be able to step back and look at my whole system and start following threads that I appreciate the most with Lesli. Because I ask a lot of questions, get answers and develop plans with her, I am more knowledgeable and getting better at looking after myself. Thank you Lesli.”
John C.