Graduated West Coast College of Massage Therapy, 1997
Graduated University of Western Ontario Diploma in honors standing Kinesiology, 1992
Graduated University of Western Ontario Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 1990
Lesli has been practicing massage therapy at the West 7th Massage Therapy since 1997.

Lesli incorporates a variety of treatment techniques that she has acquired through post graduate studies. Putting these methods to the test, Lesli utilizes her knowledge and experience to select the best option and approach for each individual depending on their needs and desires for optimal health. These techniques include:

Joint Alignment/Muscle Energy Technique
Advanced Cranial (craniosacral) Therapy
Muscle Balance and Functional Development
General Massage and Soft Tissue Treatment

Joint Alignment
1.Muscle Energy Technique
Muscle energy is a specific technique that works on structural alignment of the pelvis and spine. By re-establishing proper joint mechanics your body is able to move easier, freer and with less pain.
2. Peripheral Joints
Injury or sometimes through daily activities joints in the upper and lower limbs can become slightly askew and their tracking can be off creating irritation of the surrounding tissue. I am able to assess and treat these joint problems facilitating proper tracking and function thereby minimizing discomfort.

Advanced Cranial Therapy (often referred to as Craniosacral Therapy)
I am skilled at specific examination of the cranium (skull) and am able to determine areas of restriction or dysfunction. Using this assessment, it is my intention to re-establish proper mechanics and function enhancing the overall well being of your body. Distortions in the skull can have far reaching affects throughout the body, addressing these concerns can promote healing throughout your body as it becomes more integrated and functions from a place of wholeness and connectedness.

Muscle Balance and Functional Development
This is a progressive exercise system based on your individual postural imbalances. Specific exercises are sequenced to re-establish muscular balance and harmony in the body. This exercise system is highly recommended for injury recovery and habitual postural pitfalls. I have completed the 3 levels of training and incorporate this exercise system into my treatment protocol. These exercises compliment the hands on treatment supporting and helping to maintain changes made with therapy.

General Massage and Soft Tissue (Myofascial) Treatment
I take the time to look at your body and record my findings. Your body shows me tilts, torques and twists which are the road maps to finding what muscles are tight and short, as well as when there are fascial restrictions. There are correlations between these postural distortions and the discomfort and pain you are experiencing. I am a professional at assessing and evaluating these finding and I will tell you what I see. The next step is treatment. Using the above assessment as a guide I will use the specific techniques best suited to bring ease comfort and happiness to your body.