Focusing Oriented Therapy

Focusing Oriented Therapy

FOT or Focusing-Oriented Therapy, is a client based, body centered form of counselling. It was developed in the 1960’s by a philosopher/psychologist Gene Gendlin at the University of Chicago. Clients are led to connect with their implicit self and the felt sense with in their bodies, and move through the experience, in their therapy session, from an observer place. Gendlin broke this process down into six steps/movements. He found that teaching clients to go through these movements helped them to be much more successful in their emotional healing and the result was long lasting change.

AFOT or Aboriginal Focusing-Oriented Therapy is a land-based, Indigenous adaption of Focusing-Oriented Therapy, steeped in ‘all my relations’ philosophy allowing clients’ control of the pace and the direction in their healing journey. Aboriginal philosophy is incorporated into FOT utilizing a collective approach to a person’s relationship with ALL people, places, land & living things PAST, PRESENT, & FUTURE. FOT and AFOT are both holistic in nature.

FOT and AFOT techniques are applicable to all cultures, genders, couples and age groups. It can even be used with oneself. Both FOT and AFOT can be used alone or incorporated into other forms of psychotherapy.

Lynda Hydamaka is also a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor in private practice, separate from her Massage Therapy Practice. Counselling can be an effective adjunct to body work bridging the gap between the emotional and the physical. Supporting both can help move you towards mental and physical well-being.

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