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A Mini-Retreat solution for stress

The impact of stress is often overlooked or underestimated when scanning our mental, emotional and physical health. As seasoned massage therapists we’ve seen stress show up in many different and powerful ways in our clients. While our main way of assessing and assisting you is through massage therapy, we also look at other factors that […]

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The Melt Method

At West 7th Massage Therapy clinic, we encourage our clients to go beyond the treatment we provide for them and pursue various forms of exercise and bodywork for strength, flexibility and well-being on their own to further support the work we do. MELT is one method of support that we recommend. MELT is a simple […]

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Focusing Oriented Therapy

FOT or Focusing-Oriented Therapy, is a client based, body centered form of counselling. It was developed in the 1960’s by a philosopher/psychologist Gene Gendlin at the University of Chicago. Clients are led to connect with their implicit self and the felt sense with in their bodies, and move through the experience, in their therapy session, […]

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