A Mini-Retreat solution for stress

A Mini-Retreat solution for stress

The impact of stress is often overlooked or underestimated when scanning our mental, emotional and physical health. As seasoned massage therapists we’ve seen stress show up in many different and powerful ways in our clients.

While our main way of assessing and assisting you is through massage therapy, we also look at other factors that may contribute to your chronic pain, aching back or persistent low energy.

That’s why we have a handy little booklet in the waiting room of our clinic called The Mini-Retreat Solution. Subtitled How to relax and refresh anytime, anywhere, the booklet extols the value of short, mindful breaks throughout the day to address and reduce accumulating stress.

Our friend and author, Julia James lists dozens of simple ways to take five minutes (or 10 or 15) to bring your shoulders down and give yourself a break.

She suggests a wide and comprehensive list of possible activities:

  • Engage your curiosity and wonder about anything in your environment
  • Contemplate quotations, ideas during a walk
  • Checking in with yourself while driving
  • Relaxing in a line-up and using it as an opportunity for a break

All the activities are clearly described and promise to give your day a slightly different shape.

The next time you’re at our clinic, take a moment to read about some mini-retreats that could improve your day.

To check out Julia James and learn more about The Mini-Retreat Solution visit her site.